Copper Laminated Flexibles
Electrolytic Copper Laminated Flexibles are used as important parts of transformer, membrane cell and cathodic protection systems. Designed as per ISO norms, these have hot press welded contact parts. Ergonomic look is one of their key aspects.
Copper Braided Flexible
Provided collection of Copper Braided Flexible accessories is acknowledged for its ISO approved design and wide contact area. These have been produced by following latest compression technology. No soldering is needed to design such products.
Copal Bimetal
COPAL Bimetal accessories are known for their accurate dimension, excellent tensile strength and simple installation method. These low maintenance products are totally protected against moisture and dust. These are cost effective as well.
Aluminium Braided Flexible
Aluminum Braided Flexibles are used as important parts of switchgear, transformer and power generator. Advanced design of these flexible promotes fast dissipation of heat. High conductivity level and fatigue proof design are some key aspects of these products.
Aluminium Laminated Flexibles
Aluminum Laminated Flexibles are used in earthing job or as conductors for lighting solutions. Excellent mechanical properties, accurate dimension and high temperature resistant capacity are the key aspects of these items.
Kickless Cables
Provided range of Cables can be accessed in different length based choices.  Simple to fit, these have been produced by following solderless or soldered crimping technology. These are required as integral parts of welding furnaces.

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